Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree 衛生紙捲筒聖誕樹

Do you have many toilet paper rolls that you feel too guilty to throw out? Here is another idea to recycle them. The material I used was mostly recycled except the felt fabric but any unwanted fabric will do just fine.


1. Measure and cut the felt fabric to the desired size. 測量並且剪下你需要的不織布大小.


2. Brush the glue on the roll and wrap the fabric around it. Add extra glue at the end of the fabric. 講捲筒塗滿白膠並且用不織布將他捲起來,在尾端塗上額外的白膠.


3. The finished look. Keep doing the same step until there are enough rolls to make a tree.捲筒完成的樣子.繼續完成所有的捲筒一直到足夠可以做一棵樹.


4. Find a big box and cut the desired triangle shape for the tree.找一個紙箱,剪下一個三角形.


5. Brush the entire triangle cardboard with glue. Place the rolls like the way shown in the picture.將整個三角形圖上白膠. 然後將捲筒一個一個粘上去.


6. Find a big long roll and wrap it with brown felt fabric and glue. This is the trunk of the tree.找一個很長的捲筒將它用不織布包起來就變成樹幹了.


7. Turn the cardboard of the upper leafy part facing down. Glue the trunk with it.將紙板翻過來把樹幹粘上去.


8. Find something to be the base of the tree. In this case, a big foam cylinder which’s been cut a hole in the middle.找一個東西可以拿來當樹的基底的,在這裡我用了一個沒用的圓型保利龍,並且挖一個洞.


9. Put a lot of glue inside the hole and place the tree in it. 在那個洞塗上很多白膠,把樹幹插進去洞裡.


10. Find a fabric and cut it into a round shape which is big enough to cover the foam.找一個布,剪個圓形,確定它夠大可以包住整個基底.


11. Tie the fabric with the trunk. 將布和樹幹綁起來.


12. Start decorating the tree.這樣就可以開始佈置樹了.


13. Round two decoration with felt fabric ornaments and stuffed ornaments which have Velcro at the back.第二波的佈置是用不織布做的吊飾和填充吊飾,吊飾後面都有加魔鬼膠.

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