Felted Wool Sweater Rescue – Fuller’s Earth 拯救縮水毛衣- 福樂之土

If you are tired of hand-washing your wool garment and they turn out felted, this might be your hope. Fuller’s earth relaxes the fiber of the wool so it can be shaped.
如果你覺得每次洗毛衣, 都會為了毛衣縮水而困擾, 福樂之土可能就是你的救星. 福樂之土可以可以鬆弛羊毛的組織, 讓它可以再次被整形


1. 福樂之土 Fuller’s Earth


2. 福樂之土 Fuller’s Earth


3. A basin with 1” deep super hot water and ½ tea spoon of lanolin. 拿一個剛好大小的洗臉盆, 裡面有一英寸高的開水和1/2茶匙的羊毛脂.


4. Wear gloves and swirl the water to dissolve all the lanolin in the water. 帶著手套攪和一下水將羊毛脂溶解在水中.


5. Fill in the cool water, put soap in the water and add 1 teaspoon of Fullers earth. Mix them well. 加入冷水並且放入肥皂最後再加一茶匙的福樂之土. 講他們混合均勻.


6. Leave the shrunk wool garment in the lukewarm water for 30 mins. 將縮水的毛衣浸泡在水中三十分鐘.


7. After 30 minutes, rinse the garment with lukewarm water. 三十分鐘之後, 用微溫的水沖乾淨肥皂.


8. Fold the garment into multiple layers and press them to get the extra water out. 將衣物摺好幾層, 由上施加壓力把水擠出來.


9. Put the garment on a dry towel and roll them in the towel to get the rest of the water out. 將衣物放在毛巾上, 用毛巾將衣物捲起來使得其餘的水可以被擠出來.


10. The most important part. Lay flat the garment on a drying rack. Gentlely, stretch the garment into the shape you desire every 30 minutes until the garment stay at the shape. 最重要的步驟, 將衣物平放在架子上. 每隔30分鐘, 將它整形到原本的大小, 一直到它不會再縮回去.


11. When the garment dries, it will feel soft and fluffy. 衣物乾了以後就會非常柔軟和蓬鬆了.

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